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PPI National Registry was established by Howard Ryan in 2007 and is based in Sydney NSW. PPI’s aim is to protect consumers from bad practice within the pest and building inspection industry. PPI ensure all its members are qualified, educated and insured before listing them on the PPI Registry. 

PPI is a web based registry for building & pest inspectors and other industry related professionals. Our members can assist home buyers through the step by step process that occurs when it comes to purchasing property.

PPI provide continuous training and education for its members through PPI Institute to ensure each individual Inspector has the opportunity to continue their professional development and eliminate the risk when it comes to property inspecting and report writing.

PPI Institute is in association with Housesafe Inspections Training & Education providing accredited courses for industry experts covering areas such as Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Inspection Training, On Site Training, Swimming Pool Inspection Training and the list continues.
If you are looking for a property expert PPI can help!

To find out more regarding training and education check out our Events Page.


Howard RyanAbout Howard James Ryan

Born Sydney Australia, Lives at Quakers Hill NSW


  • Working for changing global patterns in new home construction and property inspectors mindset
  • For the creation of accountability for the protection of the Australian homeowner
  • To be unbiased in my inspection and expert reporting processes
  • To protect consumers against bad practice in residential inspections and construction
  • To remain reliable and be a vital source of information and support when needed
  • To be independent in my reporting and advice
  • To remain part of Training and Education in the construction and inspection industries
  • To stay updated with relevant information related to my industry being residential construction
  • To be accredited in competency assessing within the inspection industry as a national trainer
  • Developing skillsets for Australian property inspectors


  • 2014 - Speaker at Project Builder conferences and seminars
  • 2013 - Training at TAFE Parramatta NSW
  • 2013 – TAE40110 Training and Assessing Certification
  • 2011 - 2013 - Housesafe Training & Education continuing Nationwide
  • 2012 - ASBC Vic Seminar Feb 2012 on Kitchen Vinyl finishing - Victoria
  • 2011 - Inception of HouseSafe Inspections Training and Education
  • 2011 - IBC Seminar on Australian Standards
  • 2011 - Became an Accredited Cert 4 Trainer & Assessor TAA40104; Vocational Education & Training TAAENV401B; Design & Develop Learning Programs TAADES402B; Facilitate Individual Learning TAADEL403B; Facilitate Group Based Learning TAADEL402B; Assess Competence TAAASS402C
  • 2011 - Speaker at Institute of Conveyancers Seminar
  • 2010 - Vic. “Australian Society Building Consultants” Seminar for Expert Witness & Scott Schedules
  • 2008 - Rapids Training, AS4349.1-2007 and AS4349.0-2007 Report Writing
  • 2007 & 2013 - (WorkCover) OH&S Course and Induction and Revision
  • 2007 - Participant Sydney Law School Expert Witness Symposium
  • 2007 - (HIA) Contract Administration and Variation Administration
  • 2007 to current - “Building Dispute Practitioners Society” Tutorials
  • 2006 - (HIA) Home Building Act 1989
  • 2006 - 2008 Participant in “Andréones” Expert Forums
  • 2006 - (HIA) Dispute Resolution
  • 2004 - Rapids Training, as4349.1-1995 Report Writing
  • 2004 & 2007 - Commercial Site Induction
  • 2004 to 2010 Rapid Solutions Risk Conferences
  • 2004 - Speaker at Institute of Conveyancers Convention
  • 2004 - NSW HIA Business Management
  • 2002 & 2008 - (Rapids Solutions) Pre-Purchase Report Writing and speaker at Rapid’s National Conferences
  • 2000 - 2008 Speaker at BNI Business Network International
  • 1996, 2004 & 2007 (HIA) Building Code of Australia Course Classes 1 and 10 and 2-9
  • 1982 & 1986 - Business Management
  • 1975 - 1982 - Sub Contracted for various builders as a Carpenter and acknowledged this education
  • 1974 - Carpentry & Joinery Qualification


  • 1971-1973 Carpentry and Joinery (ref: 75/f1/15)
  • 1974 Apprentice Certificate of Proficiency (ref: 72/8876)
  • Building Construction 1 and Theory and Building Construction 1
  • Plan Preparation and Drawings


  • Training & Assessing Pre-Purchase Pest and Building Inspectors, New Residential Construction Inspectors, Swimming Pool Safety Inspectors, Mould and Asbestos ID Inspectors, Strata and Experts to Tribunals and Courts nationwide
  • A forum leader for Consumer Protection across Australia (Homeone forum)
  • Advocate for Governments in relation to credible Licensing strategies
  • 43 Years’ Experience within the Building Industry
  • Past President and Executive Director of “Australian Property Owners Protection Association” An Association dedicated to protecting consumers and industry professionals in the property industry against bad practice.
  • Run education Tutorials for consumers, Building & Property Inspectors and CTTT/NCAT experts.
  • CEO: PPI, Pre-Purchase Inspectors Registry (National Registry) Since 2007 A Registry of Qualified and Insured Pest and Building Inspectors, Legal Entities and Property Consultants.
  • Conducting Tutorials for New Residential Construction, New Construction Inspections and Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • HIA and House & Garden Home Shows participant in NSW as an expert in the Inspection Industry
  • Trade Shows for Residential Construction and Dispute Resolution
  • Residential new Construction Inspections for Wall Framing and Roof Framing, NSW, QLD and VIC
  • Residential new Construction Inspections for Handover Final PCI stages, NSW, QLD and VIC Residential Building and Construction Consultants (since 1984)
  • Expert Witness for CTTT/NCAT & other Court Jurisdictions
  • Expert Reports and Scott Schedules Preparation
  • Pre-Purchase Building Inspections in NSW, Vic, QLD, WA and SA (since 1984)
  • Pre-Sale Vendor Inspections in NSW
  • Swimming Pool and Pool Barrier Safety Inspections (since 1994)
  • Special Purpose Property Inspections
  • Asbestos Identification Inspections (since 1988)
  • Warranty, Compliance and Defect Inspections
  • Owner Builder Guidance and Inspections
  • Home Warranty Insurance Inspections
  • Invasive Inspections and Rectification Works
  • Termite Damage Assessments and Costs of Repairs and Rectification Works
  • Contract and Project Builder New Construction Inspections
  • Volume Builder Defect Liability Inspections
  • Costing Analysis in Residential Construction
  • Property Condition Reports & Property Site Drainage Assessments
  • Mould Identification Inspections (since 1996)
  • Insurance Company Damage Reports
  • Quotations Prepared for Defects and Damage
  • Dilapidation Inspections and Reports
  • Assessment of Building Contracts, Planning and Residential Specifications


  • National Training and Group Competency Assessing
  • Expert witness in all Court and National Tribunal jurisdictions
  • Mould and Asbestos Identification
  • Gathering Property Inspection Intelligence
  • Residential Construction of Floor Framing, Wall Framing and Roof Framing
  • Fixing Carpentry
  • Staircase and Balustrade Construction
  • Garage, Carport and Rural Shed Erection
  • Concrete Works, Plastering, Bricklaying, Painting, Wall and Floor Tiling
  • Landscaping
  • Residential Site Drainage
  • Retaining Walls (designed by others)
  • Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations
  • Contract Houses
  • Contract Additions, Alterations and Renovations
  • Pergolas
  • Decking and Awnings
  • Restoration works
  • Rectification works


  • 2014 - Recognised by Standards Australia as a vital source of information
  • 2013 - International recognition for developing Residential Property Inspections Network
  • 2012 - Recognised by Wallace Risk for risk mitigation in report writing skills
  • 2011 - Became an active and Accredited Trainer & Assessor for Property and Construction
  • 2011 - HOUSESAFE Training and Education in pre-purchase and other specialist property inspections
  • 2011 - Assisting consumers in understanding new construction Warranty and Maintenance periods
  • 2011 - Assisting Project Home Builders in assessing Warranty and Maintenance periods
  • 2010 - Recognised by Project Builders as a Quality Assurance Expert (Q&A)
  • 2010 - Recognised on “Homeone Forum” as an expert in New Construction Inspections
  • 2009 - Executive Director and previous President of the “Australian Property Owners Protection Association” (APOPA) a respected Association known for Protecting Consumers when Purchasing Property.
  • 2009 - Accredited Building Consultant & member with IBC Institute of Building Consultants NSW
  • 2008 - AON Insurance recognises my ability in the pre purchase building inspection report writing & risk management
  • 2008 - Finalist in the “Hills Excellence in Business Awards” (PPI and H&K)
  • 2006 - Founder and CEO of the “Pre-Purchase Inspectors Registry” PPI a registry consisting of qualified, licenced and insured Pest and Building Inspectors
  • 2002 - Became an Expert Witness for CTTT, Local and District Court matters
  • 1994 - Pre-Purchase Inspections for over 12 Conveyancing companies and Solicitors
  • 1992 - MBA Housing Excellence award for “Contract Housing up to $120,000-00 “Serene Haven”
  • 1991 – Howard Ryan was a winner of the Commonwealth Bank and Master Builders Association Housing Excellence Awards for “Contract Housing up to $220,000-00 “Torygen Manor”
  • 1989-2004 Life Membership as the founder of “Quakers Hill Pirates Baseball Club Inc.” In 2007 the club is awarded the best Junior Baseball Club in Australia by the Australian Baseball Federation, ABF
  • 1984 - Started property assessing, inspecting and dealing with consumers disputes
  • 1982 obtained my Builders License
  • From 1978 to 1982 gained recognition as a reliable, honest, qualified and Carpenter with various Contract Builders and homeowners as a licensed contractor
  • 1975 to 1977 Carpentry & Joinery contractor
  • 1971 to 1974 Apprenticeship in Carpentry & Joinery


Howard Ryan is a Proud Member of the:

  • Pre-Purchase Inspectors Registry PPI (National Registry)
  • Building Dispute Practitioners Society “Victoria” BDPS Vic
  • Associate Member. Australian Society of Building Consultants “Victoria” ASBC Vic
  • Institute of Building Consultants “NSW” IBC NSW


To be known Nationally and Internationally as an entity of reliability and a source of credible information.
Howard Ryan of H&K Ryan & Associates is passionate about providing a dependable and trustworthy service for consumers buying, building or selling property.
H&K Ryan & Associates strive to protect consumers from bad practice by continuing professional development within the property industry.
H&K believes that experience, communication, development, an understanding, knowledge and education is the key to a smooth transition for consumers buying, building, selling or renovating residential properties.


Websites and businesses developed by Howard James Ryan.