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Why not become a building inspector?

Howard RyanHoward Ryan is nothing if not enthusiastic when it comes to promoting building and pest inspection.  Now he is offering pest managers the opportunity to train to become full-on building inspectors.

Howard Ryan has long been regarded as among Australia’s more pro-active (some may say, hyperactive) building inspectors and building inspection activists.

Some years back, Howard set up PPI Registry, an organisation designed to represent and promote ethical pre-purchase building and timber pest inspections and involving not just inspectors but also lawyers and conveyancers in an endeavour to help consumers locate and work with credentialled operators.

In the same vein, a couple of years back, Howard and some colleagues (“senior executives in the Australian property and construction market”) went on to establish the Australian Property Owners Protection Association (APOPA) “ … to ensure that excellence, integrity and professionalism are at the forefront of the services available to the Australian property owner and consumer”.

“Sadly,” Howard said, “APOPA has been shut down due to the lack of Industry interest and support”.

“Happily, however, PPI Registry still ploughing along.

“And, with registration available to pest and building inspectors for only $100 a year in return for upwards of 150 ‘hot’ (referred) customer calls a year, and exposure through our specially optimised web site, it represents great value,” he said.

And, now, there’s more.

Recently, Howard — an ‘accredited trainer and assessor’ — has developed and introduced his ‘HouseSafe Pre Purchase Inspection’ course for pest and building inspectors.

“This course will show a pest inspector how to become a building inspector and reduce their risk,” Howard said.

“There is no requirement to be licensed and or have PI Insurance any longer in the relevant Australian Standards, so there is now an opening for pest inspectors to become building inspectors and increase their overall income,” he said.

And, it’s not like he doesn’t have form.

“Over the years, I have carried out over 18,000 pre purchase and new construction inspections,” Howard said.

“I have well and truly been there and done that.  And I want to pass on my experience to others,” he said.